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TV Video Production
Exit 14 is a creative and production studio making content for a world with a dwindling attention span.

We partner with brands, agencies and networks to develop comedic content to captivate audiences and encourage action.
What we need to improve
  • Learning all of the lyrics to Lou Bega’s Mambo Numba 5 so we can be cooler on Karaoke Tuesday

What we do best
  • CREATIVE: Curate ideas suited to your brand / audience identity 

  • PRODUCTION: Execute those ideas to bring life to concepts both big and small

  • POST-PRODUCTION: Add all the fun details to make your viewers hit rewind and then “share” 

Meet the Team









This is your Team's introductory paragraph. Utilize this space to describe your team and share what makes it so special, such as your work culture and philosophy. Don’t be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.


It came down to professional headshots or skydiving. We stand by our decision.

Sam Silverstein

Founder // Executive Producer 

Biggest Fear:
Falling madly in love with someone who doesn’t love him back, watching her waste her life away with a man who is taller, wealthier, far more handsome yet far less suited for her love. Going to sleep every night wondering what could have been.

Jeremy Paczos

Founder // Creative Director 

Biggest Fear:


Adam Edery

Head of Production 

Biggest Fear:


The Exit 14 team has it all. They're fun & personable, professional and talented. They can lead or follow on the creative vision -- we've done some of both with them over the years, working together on different commercials, and we're always happy with the outcome. 


Jenna Ryan, Founder

I've been doing marketing for over 20yrs and have been completely blown away by the concepts, quality of production, speed, and most importantly the performance of the creatives Exit 14 produces.

Facet Wealth

Jimmy Ellis, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing

It’s always a pleasure working with Exit 14. They have great creative and production capabilities, with a keen eye for detail and service.

Planet Propaganda

Max Franklin, Senior Art Director

What make us different? Speed.

We haven’t been around long enough to be jaded by the industry. We’re still enthusiastic about the late nights that turn to early mornings, the scrappy budgets with great creative and the idea of being available 24/7. We sleep in shifts to guarantee the last one. Overkill? Probably. 


In 10 years, we fully intend to be grumpy, hard to work with and not taking calls for less than 100 million dollars.

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