We make commercial content geared towards
a world with a dwindling attention span. 

Our ability to write ideas that will entertain your audience while conveying your message is what we do best. EXIT 14 is about creating results and having fun while doing so.

Los Angeles, CA // Detroit, MI

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Prime and Proper | Viral VIdeo

Project we worked on and shot for Prime + Proper in collaboration with Kitchen Insider. We used a combination style of camera shots (our choice) and raw iPhone footage (their choice). 19 million views and counting.
*Filmed prior to changing our name from Lionheart Creative to EXIT 14.

Wedding | Los Cabos, Mexico

We got flown down to Cabo to film the wedding of the beautiful Tyler & Nikola Bremer. It was in this moment, we could officially tell girls that we are international businessmen.

Uqora Screenshot.jpg

Uqora | National Television Ad

Currently airing on major television networks across the United States.

Axe Commercial

Minnesotta Axe Commercial

Currently airing on 20+ Emagine Theatre movie screens at 2 Emagine Theatre locations. (Monticello and Eagan, MN)

Exit 14 Comerica Park

Comerica Park Photograph

Photograph we took for the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation displayed outside of Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers.

Exit 14 Charity Work

Giving Back

We believe giving back and helping others in need is just as important as running a successful business. We do this through our Non-Profit organization “Laughter is the Cure” which focuses on bringing fun to children stuck in the hospital. Check out our website to learn more! https://www.laughteristhecure.com/