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TV Video Production
At Exit 14, we focus on fostering community growth through social events and philanthropic endeavors. We believe in the power of people and the strength we share when we come together to better the world. 

Charity Pickleball 

Blood, sweat and tears were shed as 32 teams competed to be crowned champion at our first ever 'Pickleball Charity Cup for a Cause' tournament.

With the money raised, we were able to decorate the hospital rooms of 5 children undergoing cancer treatment at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Photographer - Harrison Orwig, Leondro Lara, Matt Macedo

Summer Strike
Pool Party

Between the WGA strike, the SAG strike and Netflix no longer allowing password sharing, it felt like the world was up in flames. We decided to throw a pool party to bring people together and relax a bit as we all navigated and continue to navigate these very uncertain times.

Photographer - Delia Bush

Beach Bonfire

A gathering down at the beach featuring music, s'mores and mediocre dance moves. Celebrating life and bringing together like-minded people. 

Photographer - Meg Weck

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