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TV Video Production

Lucas spaulding

Lucas Spaulding is an award winning film and commercial director and editor.  Splitting his time between directing and editing, he has worked at numerous top companies including Smuggler Films, Mackenzie Cutler, Whitehouse, Cabin, Cosmo Street, Honor Society Films and Spotwelders. 

Over the past twenty years, he has worked in every brand category for a variety of clients including Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Best Buy, Walmart, McDonalds, Taco Bell and a host of others. 

His commercials have won nearly every industry award including Cannes, One Show, and the Addys airing on the Super Bowl, Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. His short film, Sequestered (which he also wrote), was accepted into over one hundred film festivals including SXSW and Tribeca, where it premiered. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and son.  

He also plays guitar. Badly. 

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