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  • Press | Exit 14 Productions

    “Beneath the Grass” set to shoot this Summer Full Article Variety 05/11/23 Read More Variety 05/31/23 Read More VoyageLA 12/21/22 Read More

  • Contact | Exit 14 Productions

    Let's Chat Please email or call us and we will respond within minutes. (unless it’s Karaoke Tuesday) ​ GENERAL ​ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Sam Silverstein ​ ​ Name Email Message... Submit Thank you for your message! We will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

  • Directors | Exit 14 Productions

    Danielle Shapira Jeremy Bartel Lucas SPaulding Alyssa Lerner Sam & Jeremy Marcel Sawicki

  • About | Exit 14 Productions

    Our name is derived from the highway exit where Sam, Jeremy and Adam all grew up. A small town just outside of Detroit, MI. ​ Click here to see our youth basketball photo. ​ It was back in ’07 that we made the humble decision to take our talents to production, thus leaving the basketball world behind. This was completely by choice and definitely not based on our lack of height, skill or athleticism. What we need to improve Learning all of the lyrics to Lou Bega’s Mambo Numba 5 so we can be cooler on Karaoke Tuesday What we do best CREATIVE: Curate ideas suited to your brand / audience identity PRODUCTION: Execute those ideas to bring life to concepts both big and small POST-PRODUCTION: Add all the fun details to make your viewers hit rewind and then “share” Principals It came down to professional headshots or skydiving. We stand by our decision. Sam Silverstein Founder // Director ​ Biggest Fear: Falling madly in love with someone who doesn’t love him back, watching her waste her life away with a man who is taller, wealthier, far more handsome yet far less suited for her love. Going to sleep every night wondering what could have been. Jeremy Paczos Founder // Director ​ Biggest Fear: Spiders Adam Edery Head of Production ​ Biggest Fear: Skydiving The Exit 14 team has it all. They're fun & personable, professional and talented. They can lead or follow on the creative vision -- we've done some of both with them over the years, working together on different commercials, and we're always happy with the outcome. Uqora Jenna Ryan, Founder I've been doing marketing for over 20yrs and have been completely blown away by the concepts, quality of production, speed, and most importantly the performance of the creatives Exit 14 produces. Facet Wealth Jimmy Ellis, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing It’s always a pleasure working with Exit 14. They have great creative and production capabilities, with a keen eye for detail and service. Planet Propaganda Max Franklin, Senior Art Director What make us different? Speed. We haven’t been around long enough to be jaded by the industry. We’re still enthusiastic about the late nights that turn to early mornings, the scrappy budgets with great creative and the idea of being available 24/7. We sleep in shifts to guarantee the last one. Overkill? Probably. In 10 years, we fully intend to be grumpy, hard to work with and not taking calls for less than 100 million dollars. Exit 14 is a creative and production studio making commercials, TV and film for a world with a dwindling attention span. We partner with brands, agencies and networks to develop comedic content to captivate audiences and encourage action.

  • Directors | Danielle Shapira

    Danielle Shapira Danielle is an award-winning director based in LA. She got her start writing, producing, and starring in sketch comedy before making her way behind the camera. Since then, she’s turned her love of comedy and character performance into a budding directing career, collaborating with some of the biggest celebs and talent, in some of the highest touch of scenarios.

  • Clinical | Exit 14 Productions

    Clinical A film by Lauren Ciaravalli | Coming Soon ​ Two women's mental health journeys collide when one helps the other confront a pregnancy scare.

  • Home | Exit 14 Productions

    Page not found. (Error 404) Double check the website address and retype it in the address bar—or return to homepage. Back to Homepage

  • Home | Exit 14 Productions

    Page not found. (Error 404) Double check the website address and retype it in the address bar—or return to homepage. Back to Homepage

  • Directors | Sam & Jeremy

    Sam & Jeremy Sam & Jeremy are mortal enemies who just happen to work really well together. Their comedic style uses shock and awe to create entertaining videos that convey a message. From adults rubbing pizza on their face to grandma’s invading bath time, there is no boundary they won't push. They have written and directed a variety of projects for agencies, brands and networks, most recently writing, directing and producing Nickelodeon’s “Nick Shorts Showcase” which aired in April of 2022.

  • Directors | Alyssa Lerner

    Alyssa Lerner Alyssa is an award winning director and television writer based in Los Angeles. They began their career by writing on shows for Amazon Studios, Disney+, and Freeform, and have since turned their love of writing comedic characters into a love of directing their performances. Their short film, “Break In”, won Best Comedy Short at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival and Best in Show at Wicked Queer Film Festival (2021) while also being shortlisted for the prestigious Iris Prize. Their feature script JESSE IS A FRIEND was featured on the 2020 GLAAD List, a curated list of the most promising unmade LGBTQ-inclusive scripts in Hollywood.

  • Featured Work | Exit 14 Productions

    A selection of our favorite commercials If you plan on watching more than 3 videos, please message us and we will Venmo you for a Chipotle burrito. Videos are better with food. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Please reach out for additional work samples.

  • Directors | Lucas Spaulding

    Lucas spaulding Lucas Spaulding is an award winning film and commercial director and editor. Splitting his time between directing and editing, he has worked at numerous top companies including Smuggler Films, Mackenzie Cutler, Whitehouse, Cabin, Cosmo Street, Honor Society Films and Spotwelders. ​ Over the past twenty years, he has worked in every brand category for a variety of clients including Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Best Buy, Walmart, McDonalds, Taco Bell and a host of others. His commercials have won nearly every industry award including Cannes, One Show, and the Addys airing on the Super Bowl, Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. His short film, Sequestered (which he also wrote), was accepted into over one hundred film festivals including SXSW and Tribeca, where it premiered. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and son. ​ He also plays guitar. Badly.

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